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    Verifying ProfitStars ACH rates and fees

    • Carol Perez |
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    • 40 seconds
    Navigate to [](
    Enter the organization's name. If their ACH account is short, they have a ProfitStars ACH account.
    Click on their MAIN MID account.
    Click "Attachments"
    You will have to search through their attachments to find the e-check application. It is usually named so but may have been uploaded as a 'fee sheet' or 'application.' If you see items uploaded by Carol Perez, definitely check those items (she needs a lot of help).
    A PDF will download to the bottom of the browser. Click it to open.
    You want to find the document labeled "Fee Schedule" This will list all ProfitStars fees. Under the Electronic Fee box, it will list a range from 0 to .45 cents.
    Take a screenshot of area and send back to the requester.

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