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    Viewing Different Statistical Groups in Interactive Stats

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      Navigate to [](
      Click on the WEB APPLICATION module.
      Select your opponent (or your own team), Roster Year, Group (Hitting or Pitching), and Stat Year.
      Pro Tip: Under the STAT YEAR dropdown, select the "Career Stats" option to see the players' career stats. (Stats will carry over with players, even if they transferred!)
      The default STATISTICAL GROUP will be "Standard Stats." These standard stats include BA, OPS, tally stats, and more. As with any table, you can sort each column by clicking the arrows next to the stats.
      The "Swing Analytics" stat group includes important plate appearance, swing/miss, and first-pitch information.
      The "Sabermetrics" stat group includes all your standard Sabermetric stats, including: QAB, BABIP, and wOBA.
      The "Short Game" stat group includes all the bunting information you'd ever need.
      The "Baserunning" stat group shows you the players' stealing and baserunning stats, including our very own "Speed" metric.
      You may have noticed the SPLIT TYPE options...
      You can select any of these splits, and your Interactive Stats table will filter itself to only include those splits!

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