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    Viewing Your Hours Log

        Hours Log Overview

        The Hours Log displays all timesheets for all projects you worked. You can review details, such as clock in and clock out times, the total hours worked for each day, and a breakdown of how time was distributed across different tasks. Additionally, you not yet been submitted.

        Navigating to the Hours Log

        To navigate to your hours log, click the hamburger menu at the top left of the clock in screen.
        Select "Hours Log" from the menu.

        Using the Hours Log

        Organized by week, the Hours Log allows you to quickly see the total hours you have worked per week. By clicking on the weekly cards, you can expand them to see a breakdown of hours each day.
        With the week expanded, you can see a timecard for every day and project worked during that week. For each timecard you can see the clock in and out time, the total hours worked that day, and the project.
        Opening a timecard allows you to see additional details, including how your hours were distributed. Use the back arrow to return to the Hours Log.
        If lunch, drive time, and per diem were logged, you will also be able to see that on the hours log and the detailed view.
        Additionally, you will be able to see if your time has been submitted by the color of the card. A white timecard means your hours have been submitted to a project manager for review. A red timecard means your hours have not been submitted.
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