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    Click **[[Vitals]]** in the right corner.
    Project Vitals will show a summary of the case.
    **[[VITALS]]\-** Check the #Hastags
    **[[VITALS]]**\- Check "Client Language"
    **[[VITALS]]**\- Check "Accident Type"
    **[[VITALS]]**\- Check insurance "Liability" decision.
    If by the time you are building the case there is no liability decision, you don't have to add the liability decision. If there is a liability decision do the follow;
    *Click "Case Summary"*
    *Click Liability Determination dropdown.*
    *Choose Liability (Insurance usually states liability decision on a letter)*
    **[[VITALS]]**\- Check the Date of Accident.
    ALWAYS Confirm Date of Accident on the Retainer and double check with client.
    *Open the Retainer on the Docs section.*
    *Check the date of accident on the retainer.*
    *Go to Intake section and click Date of accident "mm/dd/yyyy"*
    *Select the correct date.*
    **[[VITALS]]**\- Also, check the SOL (Statue of Limitation). *\*\*For MVA, Dog Bite, and Premises liability is two years after the date of accident.*
    *If you need to fix the SOL, click "Case Summary."*
    *Click Statue of Limitation "mm/dd/yyyy."*
    *Select the correct SOL.*
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