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    Vulcan Verification Process

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    • 52 seconds
    Navigate to [](
    Enter Castle Gate
    Start the Vulcan verification process- press "Start Verification"
    Select Verify Opensea
    Insert address of wallet that holds the token token you are wishing to verify.
    Vulcan will then give you an unique code string to enter into your OS profile.
    Navigate to []( and ensure you are connected to the wallet that holds the token you are wishing to verify. (You may need to sign a MM transaction in order to prove ownership of the wallet)
    Click this image.
    Click "Settings"
    Click the "Bio" field.
    Enter your unique string provided by Vulcan.
    Click "Save"
    After you have placed the string in your bio, give vulcan 2-3 minutes to update your roles
    Verification process is completed!
    You are welcome to delete the Vulcan string in your profile at any time.

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