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    Adding a New Page to Chatmatic (plus Fix for Missing Pages)

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    How to Add a New Page to Chatmatic

    Navigate to [](
    In the left-hand toolbar, select "Add A New Fan Page"
    Click "Facebook Pages" or "Instagram Pages."
    You can add individual pages by pressing "Connect" button by the page you want. To connect them all, click "Connect All"
    Tip! If you select indivudal pages to connect to your Chatmatic account, you may have issues finding new pages at a later date. To save yourself a few steps in the future, select "Connect All." If you're are currently unable to find the page you want to connect, keep reading.

    Missing the page you want to connect?

    Head on over to Facebook and click on your Profile Picture.
    From the drop-down menu, click on "Settings & Privacy."
    Click on "Settings."
    You'll be directed to a Settings menu. Click on "Security and login."
    Click "Business Integrations"
    In Business Integrations, find your Chatmatic app.
    Click "Remove" on your Chatmatic app.
    A dialog box will pop-up confirming your action. Click "Remove."
    Once Chatmatic is removed, click "Done."
    Switch back to Chatmatic [](
    Click "Log Out" from your profile
    Once logged out, wait for the page to load and sign back in. You'll click this button "Continue with Facebook Account."
    Confirm that you are signing in with the correct account. Click "Continue."

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