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    Wallet investigation with Breadcrumbs.app

    • Ilja Borisovs |
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    Navigate to any link in the Income Data section
    Click the Breadcrumbs.app icon
    In the middle of the graph is the wallet under study. Click for basic information about the wallet.
    We see the balance, the fact that the wallet was created in 2018, when it was last active, the fact that it has 1,359 NFT, and the volumes of incoming and outgoing transactions.
    On the left and right sides of the graph are the wallets with which the largest volumes of transactions were made. On the left are incoming and outgoing transactions. Click on a branch to see more details.
    Here you can see the history of interactions with the OpenSea Marketplace. The total amount of incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as a list of all transactions.
    It is also possible to expand the outgoing or incoming interaction branches for each node in the graph.
    For more information on how to use the service, click on the FAQs on the bottom menu.
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