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    Webhook Troubleshooting

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    Navigate to [https://gms.idonate.com/dashboard?dash=indicators](https://gms.idonate.com/dashboard?dash=indicators)
    Click "Organization"
    Click "Webhooks"
    Note whether the org's webhook(s) are active.
    Click on a Webhook to open more details.
    "Recent Exceptions" will show any error messages thrown by the webhook when data was sent to the webhook endpoint (Target URL).
    Make note of the date of these errors as compared to the most recent transaction event. Sometimes these errors are old, or have been resolved, and do not need to be noted. In this case, the last error was on 2/20/23
    ...and the latest transaction was 2-21-23. The error looks to have been resolved.
    Click "EDIT WEBHOOK" to open its settings.
    The "Target URL" tells us where data is being sent. You may be able to tell the org's CRM by the Target URL. Sometimes, this Target URL needs review, and could be cause for an error on the webhook.
    Scroll down to view the webhook's subscribed events. Orgs may be asking why they are/aren't receiving certain data. Here, we can tell what's being sent.
    Go back to the org's webhook.
    Click on a Recent Event to pull up Payload data.
    The "Payload" data shows what information is being sent to the Target URL
    At the bottom of the screen, you can see whether the transaction successfully made it to the webhook endpoint or not. In this case, the answer is "false," so the Event (transaction) did not make it to the endpoint. This could be due to several factors likely on the org's end.
    Alert! There is currently a bug with that "Event Pushed?" field where the most recent event will always be considered "false" until another Event is pushed.
    Tip! For webhook-only integrations (not through our integration exchange), sometimes orgs report they are not receiving all expected data. To resolve, check the org's current Data-API version:
    In a new tab, navigate to [https://donations.idonate.com/dashboard](https://donations.idonate.com/dashboard)
    Click "Organizations"
    Click "All Organizations"

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