When a specific incident occurs, automatically send a broadcast to our customers | Scribe

    When a specific incident occurs, automatically send a broadcast to our customers

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    Go to [https://zapier.com/app/zaps](https://zapier.com/app/zaps) to start building your Zap
    You can use any app to create a trigger for your broadcast! In this example we'll assume that we want to send a broadcast whenever we have a specific incident alert in one channel in Slack (so we'll use Slack as the trigger.)
    In this example, we've added Slack as our Trigger Event for this broadcast.
    We've set up our trigger to fire on a specific message posted to our #alerts channel.
    We're adding a filter so that only messages containing "incident" will trigger the broadcast.
    In your Action, select "Channeled" as your App Event
    Click "Send a Broadcast"
    Type in a specific customer name or customer group name to determine who receives the broadcast. To send the broadcast to all your connected channels, type "all".
    Tip: You can see specific Customer and Customer Group names that your team has set up by using the /channeled settings command in Slack.
    Type in a date or timeframe to schedule the broadcast delivery at. To send the broadcast immediately upon trigger, type in 'now'.
    You can use any of the supported date/time formats for Zapier to schedule your broadcast: [https://zapier.com/help/create/basics/different-field-types-in-zaps](https://zapier.com/help/create/basics/different-field-types-in-zaps)
    Label your broadcast something so that you can find it internally later. In this case, we're using a unique identifier from the original Slack message that indicated the incident.
    Type the message you want to broadcast to customers in the "Message" input.
    You can use any dynamic Channeled inputs, like {{[channel.name](http://channel.name)}} or {{[customer.name](http://customer.name)}} to personalize the message.
    Click "Skip Test" in the "Testing action" step (otherwise, your test would send a real broadcast to the customers you specified in your action steps above.)

    Your Zap is ready to go – happy automating!

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