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      1. Running a report manually

      Navigate to [](
      Click "LOGIN"
      Click "Manual Run"
      Click the "From Date" field.
      Click the "To Date" field.

      Document Selection: In the plugin there are 5 document types: 1. Invoice 2. Purchase Order 3. Receipts 4. Invoice Reconciliation 5. Supplier - Supplier is further divided in to 3 parts i.e. Supplier, Supplier Location and Common Supplier Select the Document Type as per need. In this case we are selecting "Invoice"
      Click this dropdown.
      Field Selection: Each documents has multiple fields, we can select the fields as per the needs. The data of selected fields will be fetched and stored in the configured location. Eg: In the current flow we are selecting "Invoice Fields". The Invoice Field have two subsections. 1. Invoice Header - Gives invoice header items details. 2. Invoice Lines - Gives invoice line-items details
      Click "Select Fields"
      Click the "Invoice Id" field.
      Click "Send"

      2. Creating a scheduler for reports

      Click "Manual Run"
      Click here.
      Click "Select Fields"
      Click the "Document Type" field.
      Click here.
      Click "Create New Schedule"

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