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    YardiKube - Assigning Wifi Credentials

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    Once in the YardiKube portal, click "Customers". And then select "Contracts" on the dropdown menu that appears.
    In this step, we want to find the contract that is assigned to the company/member for which you are trying to add credentials. You can find this contract by searching in any of the search bars at the top of the screen. Most contracts will have the same name as the company. If you cannot find it by using one search bar, try the next one by filling in the appropriate information.
    Once the search bar field has been filled in with the correct Contract, Company, OR Property name. Click "Search". PRO TIP: If you search by Property you will need to filter your search down on the next step (see step below for where to filter your search further). Or you can scroll through every contract at the Property until you find the one you need. However, I recommend using the search bars to filter, as it will make your life much easier!
    Click the "Search" field to filter the contracts that exist under the property you are viewing.
    Once you have located the correct contract, select the link next to the red square that says "X Pending Configurations" PRO TIP: If there are NO pending configurations, please navigate down to step #11 in this document to learn how to amend the contract to add the pending configuration.
    Click "Data/Wi-Fi"
    Find an empty text box and select the three dots, OR, begin typing the member's name who you are assigning Wifi Credentials to.
    Click on the name of the member you are trying to assign credentials to.
    You will now see a sequence of five number to the right of the member's name. This is their new Wifi Password. Click "Save And Finish"
    Click here. If the member was successfully added after the step above, you are finished. Congratulations, you have created your first wifi credentials for your member in YardiKube!
    If there are no pending configurations: follow these steps. If you had pending configurations and were able to assign your member credentials, you do not need to complete the following steps. Select the three dots next to the contract you need to update.
    Click "Amend Contract"
    Click "Amenities"
    Find the amenity named "Member Wifi - 5 Devices", and click the plus sign to create as many credential configurations as there are members you are assigning to wifi.
    Once you have the correct amount of amenities, click "Activate"
    Click "Activate Amendment"
    Click "Activate Amendment"
    Click "OK". PRO TIP: If you select "Cancel", that is also fine. To complete assigning the wifi credentials go back to steps 5-10 in this document to finish the set up. If you selected "OK", see the steps below to finish configuring.
    Click "Data/Wi-Fi"
    Click here to find the member you are trying to add. OR you can begin typing their name in the text box. Select their name once you have located it.
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