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    Youtube to Opus Workflow

    • Gavin B |
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    • 48 seconds
    Navigate to [](
    Click the "Search" field.
    Type "andrew huberman [[enter]]"
    Click "Science-Based Mental Training & Visualization for Improved Learning | Huberman Lab Podcast"
    Click here.
    Right-click here.
    Click the "Drop a YouTube link" field.
    Press [[cmd]] + [[v]]
    Click "Get clips"
    Switch to tab "How to enable Google Bard on your Google Workspace website"
    Switch to tab "1G Media · Opus Clip - Death to Short Form Video Editing. 1 Long for to Hormozi Style Reels in seconds. · Shopify"
    Switch to tab "New Page"
    Switch to tab "Opus Clip"
    Open a new tab
    Switch to tab "[]("
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