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    Ziptility's Sales Process - Lead Generation/Prospecting

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    Sales Strategy Learn Ziptility's sales strategy by talking with the CEO or sales leader.
    Sales Process Overview: Review the sales process diagram. What questions do you have? ***Avalyn to ask Tyler - either ADD flowchart in Figma to Notion OR use a better screen shot of actuals flow chart.
    Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy The CEO, Marketing and Sales Leadership will routinely determine the national marketing and sales strategy. The National Campaign supports the “targeted” regional and state-specific campaigns based on conferences, other identified customer-focused events, and asset management requirements in the water industry. The sales team will use these defined GTM launches to focus their generation of leads and prospects.
    In Notion, under the Resources tab, select the Go-to-Market to review the Campaign Calendar (see steps 5-8): 1. Prospect in the Regional/State GTM areas 2. Mark your calendar for your assigned Sales Sequence (A, B, or C) for the week
    Navigate to [](
    Click "Campaign Calendar"
    Click "Campaign Calendar"
    Alert! For the Campaign Calendar - confirm each week you are using the latest version. ****Testing Alert feature. Plus, ssk Tyler about keeping Alert or not. How does Sales Account Rep confirm
    Use the established procedures or "Sequences" as your roadmap generating leads and for call/email activities with prospects or potential customers.
    Click "Sequence Details"
    Click "Sequence Details"
    Choose one of the three Sequences: 1. Standard Sales Sequences (blue) 2. Business Development Sequences (purple) 3. Event Sales Sequences (orange) Follow the steps under the Sequence Overview as to the data requirements, data source, email copy, prospect details and the process.

    Hubspot: Sales Associate Lead Generation - Sequence Type A

    Review the HubSpot Sales Process to understand Ziptility's steps of generating leads to closing a deal
    Navigate to [](
    Scroll down the page, click "HubSpot Process"
    Flowchart of HubSpot Sales Process
    READY TO CALL preparation in HubSpot
    Navigate to Lead Data [](
    Click here.
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