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    Zoom: How to Share Screen

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    Hover over the bottom of your Zoom window to reveal the menu
    Click "Share Option" in the centre in green
    To identify the screen to share:\ \- On the panel, Zoom highlights the selected screen in dark blue (by default, the one in use when you click "Share screen")\ \- The selected screen has a light blue frame \ \- If you have several screens, you will also find a number in the top left of each screen, matching the screen number in the Zoom panel
    Click on the screen you want to share
    Or click the "Advanced" tab for other sharing options, such as sharing a second camera or a portion of your screen
    Once you've selected your screen, click "share" at the bottom right
    You will no longer see the other participants on the Zoom call, only the bottom navigation menu
    Click "Stop Share" in red to stop sharing your screen
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