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    📨 Adding custom domains and email addresses to ChangeEngine

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    Login at [https://app.changeengine.com](https://app.changeengine.com)
    Click "Email"
    Click "Custom Domain"
    Click "Add Domain"
    Click the "Domain" field and add your company's domain.
    Click "Add"
    You'll need your tech team to add CNAME records to your DNS configuration. CNAME records can be found and sent to your team by clicking this icon. Once set up, the status of the domain will change from "pending' to 'active".
    Once your DNS configuration is set up, head to "Custom Address"
    Click "Add Email"
    Enter the user name of the email address you want to add.
    In this example we use "stephen".
    Click the dropdown to select the newly active domain.
    In this example we click "@changeengine.com".
    Click the "From Name" field and enter the human-friendly name you want to appear in email clients when a moment is received.
    The email user will receive a confirmation message from Amazon Web Services asking them to confirm they would like their email address used. They must simply click the confirmation link. The email address is then ready to use in moments.

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