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    ๐Ÿ“Ž Create New Type

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    Create New Type

    Add the item to your library under a different type (probably the *wrong* type.) We need it in the list in order to update it.
    Once it's created, click "Open" to access the detailed view.
    Click the Type field. In different views this might simply be "Type", "Asset Type", "Template Type" or other similar.
    Simply type in whatever you want your new option to be. When you're done, click "Add option:".
    Close the detail view.

    To Add a Tab for Current or New Asset Type

    Click the title of your CommandCenter in your lefthand menu.
    Click "Edit"
    Once you are in edit mode, click the TOP of the tab area as shown in this screenshot. You're not clicking ON anything, we're just getting the right part of the page selected.
    Then you'll see this blue plus mark. Click it.
    On the right side, rename your new tab.
    Now, we need to set up a filter. Click in the "Filter by" fields.
    Click the first field and select "Asset Type" from the dropdown menu.
    Click in the third column and select the new option you just created from the dropdown.
    Once you've made all your new tabs/changes, click "Publish" so that your new layout is live.
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