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    🦄 Set up Portfolio "Template" guide

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      Asana Release notes Last updated 8.12.23. August 2023 Introducing Portfolio templates: Now you can create portfolio templates to standardize common projects. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      ⚠️ This feature doesn't exist right now in Asana - In this guide, we have documented how you should document the template you create for your Portfolio for the time being while Asana creates an actual feature for Portfolio Template. This use case is a lite version of a "Portfolio Template" created for a company in the Instructional Design industry, but applicable to any industry in general.
      In the meantime we wait for: ⚡ Portfolio template, ⚡ Automation rules in portfolios, ⚡ Asana docs (https://scribehow.com/shared/_Asana_Docs__hCY5I9cETeKS-WfoYuxKyg). And so much more, to #workbetterwithasana.

      (1) Create a brand new Portfolio.

      Navigate to Asana, and click "Portfolios".
      Click "New Portfolio".
      Rename with "[Template] Client Portfolio" in the name field.
      Click "Create Portfolio".

      (2) Remove the custom fields that you will not need in the "Portfolio Template".

      Is very important for you to remember that "Portfolio Templates" is not an actual feature of Asana, so from here we will do the customization needed for how the "Portfolio Template" should be.
      Click "Customize".
      Click the pencil icon > Click "Remove from Portfolio".

      (3) Create / Add the necessary custom fields needed for the portfolio.

      Click "+Add field" to create the necessary custom fields for the portfolio.
      Click "Add to Organization's field library".
      Click "Create Field".

      (4) Work on the "look-a-like" of the Portfolio.

      From the custom fields created, choose the default "Sort" for the projects, based on the customization and the needs for the portfolio.
      Click "Save layout as default".
      Remember this is a "template" guide you are creating so all project / portfolio owners know how to set them up.
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