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    ...add a media when it doesn’t exist in greenpulse?

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    It is possible that you're trying to use the Parser on a URL that is not recognized (ie. the media is not available in the database yet). Important: we're showing these steps for Feature clippings, but this also works for News coverage.
    greenpulse will tell you "Media not found" with instructions on how to proceed, but we'll show this step by step in this guide. Click "OK" to close the pop-up window.
    Click "Media", then "Suggest Media".
    Type the full name of the media, its official country, whether you are allowed to use award logos freely (uncheck if you need to pay license fees), and click the upload box to select the media logo file, or drop it on top of the box. Hint: finding a media logo file is usually easy by doing a Google Image Search for 'media name logo'. Ideally, pick a PNG logo that has a transparent background. SVG or WebP formats are not supported by greenpulse and need to be converted to PNG first.
    Click "Next".
    Select the correct channel type, eg. "Online".
    Click the "URL" field and type or paste the media URL. Attention! Please use the URL for the media, and not for the article. So <https://www.example.com/nl> is correct, <https://www.example.com/nl/article.html> is not correct.
    Select the channel language from the dropdown.
    Click "Add channel".
    You can add more channels, like Print, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    When you're done adding channels, click "Done".
    You'll see an overview of the channels you added. As you can see, different channels can have different languages.
    If the information is correct, click "Submit".
    You'll receive a notification that your request has been submitted.
    You can close the wizard now by clicking the "Close" button.
    greenpulse will send you an e-mail when your suggestion is approved!

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