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    …add a new award logo to greenpulse?

    • Xander Hoose |
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    When you want to add an award, please make sure the award does not already exist in the dropdown.
    The award does not exist yet? Click "Add Award".
    Give the award a relevant name, like "Gold" or "Editor's Choice" or "Example Product Top Rating" or "Example Product October 2023".
    If the award logo contains the product name or a date, then make sure this checkbox is selected. This will make the award disappear from the dropdown list after 30 days, because you will probably not use this specific award logo for another clipping. If the award logo is a generic one, leave this unchecked.
    Drop the award logo file on the upload box, or click the box to open a file selection window.
    Click "Save".
    Click "Close".
    You can now select the award that you have uploaded from the dropdown list.

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