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    …create a clipping from an online article?

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    Open the "Clippings" menu, then click "Add Feature Clipping".
    Paste the URL in the URL field and click the Parser icon.
    If all goes well, greenpulse will automatically select the media and channel. \ \ If the media is not recognized, first please try typing (part of) the media name in the dropdown to see if the media does exist. If so, click it then select the correct channel icon. If not, then follow the instructions on this page. \ \ Depending on your settings, greenpulse will try to autofill the headline or you need to write your own headline in this field.
    Depending on your company's policy, you'll need to write a summary of the article here. An ideal practice is to mention the name of the media, the products mentioned in the article, pros (or cons) and any awards or ratings.
    Find a quote in the article and paste it here, in the original language.
    Select the correct clipping type.
    If the article was sponsored, select the "Advertorial" checkmark.
    If your company wants you to add specific tags to clippings, this is where you can select them.
    Select the article sentiment.
    Select the article publication date.
    If your article is not in the main language of your company (usually English), you can have greenpulse automatically translate the headline, summary, and quote by clicking the "Add translation" button. For foreign articles: if you do not add a translation, you will only be able to save this clipping as draft. greenpulse supports several languages through DeepL (primary) and Google Translate (fallback) and more than one translation can be added to the clipping.
    Click the "Products" drop-down to select one or more relevant products belonging to this feature clipping.
    For each product, you're able to select award logos (if applicable) or a text rating. You can add new awards with the "Add award" button, for more information click here. Please double-check that you are not adding a duplicate award!
    If you're also tracking review samples in greenpulse, you can connect the products in this clipping to the corresponding sample processes by clicking the "Attach Sample" button and using the wizard. More info can be found here.
    Clippings by default have the 'draft' status. Check with your managers if someone needs to proofread the clipping before publication or not. If you can't select 'published', then you probably forgot to add a translation to the clipping.
    If you're dealing with a media company that does not allow you to use award logos without paying a license fee, please unselect the "Approved to use the material" checkbox.
    Click "Save" to save the feature clipping and go back to the list; Click "Save and create new" to save and enter more clippings; Click "Save and keep settings" to save and keep the selected products and date (useful for quickly entering multiple related clippings).

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