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    ...create a clipping from online news coverage?

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    Open the "Clippings" menu, then click "Add News Coverage".
    Paste the URL in the URL field and click the Parser icon.
    Depending on your settings, greenpulse will try to autofill the headline (and offer a translation) or you need to write your own headline in this field.
    If you write your own headline, or corrected the automatically parsed headline, you can translate it by clicking the "Translate" button.
    Click the "Products" drop-down to select one or more relevant products belonging to this news coverage.
    Select the sentiment (if applicable, although for news coverage this will generally be 'neutral') and select the publication date for the original article.
    If you want to save a quote from the article, you can past the quote in its original language here:
    ...and have it translated with the "Translate" button.
    Click "Save" to save the news coverage and go back to the list;\ Click "Save and create new" to save and enter more news coverage;\ Click "Save and keep settings" to save and keep the selected products and date (useful for quickly entering press release coverage).

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