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    how to create your own channels!

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    from ❤️ heartbeat, click on the [[...]] next to one of your existing channels
    click [[Edit]]
    select your unique user id and copy it (either [[ctrl + c]], [[cmd + c]] or [[right click + copy]])
    head back to the main screen and click the [[...]] next to your name
    click [[Create Channel]]
    add your chosen channel name and then paste your unique id (either [[ctrl + v]], [[cmd+v]] or [[right-click +]] [[paste]])
    new channels are accessible by all as a default on heartbeat. you'll need to switch this off by clicking the toggle so only you and your students can access your channel.
    once you've done that, you'll see [[set as private channel]] is now switched on. that's what we want! now that the channel is private, we need to give your students access. click the arrow in the [[Search for users and groups]] field to start!
    so that we are able to help you when you need it, please click [[administrator]] and then [[somos team]] so we have access.
    then start typing your name and you'll see a group appear [your name]: all students ([your unique id]). click this and all your students will be able to access!
    click [[Create]] and you're done!
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