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    iX Troubleshooting

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    First, let's open Transaction History from within the iX.
    Navigate to [https://gms.idonate.com/dashboard?dash=indicators](https://gms.idonate.com/dashboard?dash=indicators)
    Click "Organization"
    Click "Integration Exchange"
    Locate the org's CRM (whether Salesforce, Virtuous, etc.) and click "Configure"
    Click "Transaction History"
    Click this dropdown to filter by status. I'm choosing "Failed" so that I can see just a view of donations that show a failure (red x) status.
    If you see this pencil icon on a transaction that also shows a failed status (red x), it means that some data made it to Salesforce, but likely not all data as the iX caught some error as the donation was making it's way to the CRM. Hovering over the red X will give yourself and the org a better indicate as to what process/flow failed and whether this is due to custom configurations within their instance.
    Hover over the red "✘" to view the error message associated with the failed transaction.
    Click a transaction to pull up the Transaction Event to view Payload Data. Payload data will indicate what was sent to the CRM.
    Possible use case: an org says they received incomplete data. We would open the Transaction Event from Transaction History to view the Payload and confirm what data was sent.

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