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    Convert AI - Account Set Up

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    Make sure you downloaded the Headshot and Company Logo from the JIRA card before starting this process.
    Navigate to [](
    Click "Settings"
    Click the left menu "Phone Integration"
    Search for the newly created sub-account, and click the blue icon.
    On the left menu, click "Sub-Accounts"
    Click the "Search by sub-account" field, and search the new sub-account.
    Click the 3 dots
    Click "Manage Client"
    Toggle Conversation AI OFF
    Turn the "Offer Wordpress" toggle OFF
    Turn the "Offer Yext" toggle OFF
    Turn the "Offer WhatsApp" toggle OFF
    Switch to the sub-account
    Inside the sub-account, click "Settings"
    Click "Labs"
    Turn **EVERYTHING ON**
    In "Business Information" click "Upload" and upload the logo.
    Complete the "Legal Business Name" field, copying the info from the JIRA card.
    Click "Pick A Niche", and select "Financial Services"
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