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    rebel Convert - Local A2P Registration

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    Navigate to [](
    Switch to the sub-account you are submitting the application for.
    Click "Settings"
    Click "Phone Numbers"
    Click "Trust Center"
    Under "A2P Brand and Campaign Registration" click "Start Registration".
    Step 1: A2P Brand Needs. Click "Next"
    Step 2: Brand & Campaigns Details. Click "Next"
    Step 3: Business Details. Double-check the information and click "Next"
    Step 4: Business Address. Double-check and click "Next"
    Step 5: Authorized Representative Details. Double-check and click "Next"
    Step 6: Enter Campaign Details. Click the box, paste AND REPLACE THE VALUES: This campaign is associated with DIRECT LENDING. It is designed to send confirmations and helpful reminders to individuals who have expressed interest in getting pre-qualified for their home-search process through our website **\[WEBSITELINK\]**. It also offers valuable insights into the home selection process, different housing choices, qualification criteria, and additional housing information. Then click "Next"
    Step 7: Enter Campaign Details. Click the box "Sample Message 1", paste the message and REPLACE THE \[FIELDS\]. Hello David, it's **\[CLIENT FULL NAME\]** from **\[COMPANY NAME\]**. Our team of expert is excited to assist you in your home-buying journey! We are just reviewing the information you provided us, and we will be in touch shortly. **\[CLIENT FULL NAME\] - \[COMPANY NAME\]** Reply STOP to stop receiving messages.
    Sample Message 2: Paste the message and REPLACE THE \[FIELDS\]. Hi David, it's **\[CLIENT FIRST NAME\]** from **\[COMPANY NAME\]**. We have reviewed the information you sent us and we would love for one of our expert to discuss your next steps. Do you have time for a quick call today? **\[CLIENT FULL NAME\] - \[COMPANY NAME**\] Reply STOP to stop messages.
    Step 8: End-user Consent. Copy paste the text below: End users give consent through one of our opt-in form on our website, **WEBSITE LINK**. They complete a form with a checkbox agreeing to receive automated messages (See screenshot example below). They're signing up for information about the qualification process for their home search and the option to connect with a representative. Recipients can opt-out at any time by replying STOP. **(FORM SCREENSHOT LINK)**
    Opt-in Keyword. Copy paste the text below: START, OPTIN, IN, SUBSCRIBE
    Opt-in Message, copy paste the text below, and REPLACE THE \[FIELDS\]: You are successfully opted in for messages from **\[COMPANY NAME\]**. Message and data rates may apply. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
    Click "Submit"
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