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    rebel Convert - QA new account setup

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Settings"
    Click "LC - Premium Triggers & Actions"
    Click the "Search by name" field, and search for the newly created account.
    Make sure the feature is toggled OFF.
    Click "Go Back"
    Click "Sub-Accounts"
    Click the "Search by sub-account" field, search for the new account.
    Click the 3 dots at the bottom of the account.
    Click "Manage Client"
    Make sure Yext and Wordpress are OFF
    Make sure the SMS limit is set to 170.
    At the top, click "Switch to Sub-Account"
    Click "Settings"
    Make sure the business information section is completed.
    Make sure the checkbox, "Mark Emails as Invalid" is checked.
    Make sure the "Sender Information" contains only the business name, not the first and last name. (Unless first and last name is the business name, duh)
    Click "Phone Numbers"
    Make sure the Toll Free number verification has been sent. (Should say In Progress, like the screenshot below)
    Check the Local A2P. Simply look at the banner. \ Red: it has not been sent\ Yellow: it has been sent\ Green: It has been sent and approved
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