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Create fast and easy FAQ response guides for troubleshooting manuals, knowledge bases or support documentation for your help center.
Make digital guides for free!
Make digital guides for free!
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Use Scribe to build FAQ responses for your help center.
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Try for free today!

Scribe is a fast & easy FAQ response generator

Create and share troubleshooting documentation and process guides for building FAQ pages and supporting your contact center. Generate accurate and informative process documentation to respond to frequently asked questions.  Scribe equips you with the tools to deliver comprehensive and helpful answers. Let's explore the remarkable features that make Scribe the go-to tool for generating FAQ responses.

Why choose Scribe as your AI-powered writer

1. Efficiency & accuracy

Scribe uses AI to create process documentation for you In seconds, you can build extensive training documentation that you can share internally and externally.

2. Comprehensive troubleshooting guides

Scribe enables you to create detailed troubleshooting guides that address common issues and provide step-by-step solutions. By capturing your screen, Scribe can generate comprehensive process guides, helping users navigate complex procedures and resolve technical problems.

3. Integration & accessibility

Scribe seamlessly integrates with your existing knowledge base or support system. You can easily export the generated FAQ responses to various formats, making them accessible to your team members, customers, or website visitors.

Start building FAQ responses with Scribe

how-to guide generator

Step 1: Build guides for common questions & issues

You can build guides instantly whenever a question is asked or analyze customer inquiries, support tickets or previous troubleshooting documentation to identify frequently asked questions and common issues. When you're ready to build documentation, just hit 'Start Recording.'

SOP Generator

Scribe will automatically capture and annotated screenshots while logging steps as you navigate through each process.

Step 2: Stop recording

Once you're finished running through your process, stop recording and watch Scribe build your step-by-step guide in seconds.

Step 3: Edit & customize

Review the generated FAQ responses for accuracy and relevance. Customize the responses as needed by adding additional information, clarifying steps or incorporating troubleshooting tips specific to your organization.

Step 4: Take advantage of AI features

Combine your guides and then use Scribe AI to create visual process documentation in seconds. AI will structure the troubleshooting guides and process documentation in a way that follows a logical flow and guides users through the problem-solving process.

Step 5: Publish & iterate

Publish your FAQ responses and troubleshooting guides in your knowledge base, support system or documentation repository. Continuously gather feedback from users and stakeholders to improve the generated responses, update the troubleshooting guides, and enhance the overall effectiveness of your documentation!

Build troubleshooting documentation and process guides to provide users with accurate and comprehensive answers to their questions. Embrace the power of AI and enhance the support experience with Scribe.

Generate FAQ responses in seconds!