How to Process Bills and Bill Payments

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Accounting".

      Create a New Bill

      Click "Quick Actions".
      Click "New Bill" to enter the information.
      Click on Vendor to display the dropdown menu. Select a name.
      Make a selection on the dropdown menu for Term and A/P Account.
      Click the "Bill No." optional field this number cannot repeat and will show in the check under memo.
      Click here to select the account.
      Type an optional description.
      Click this text field to add the amount.
      Click the checkbox if the bill is billable to a customer.
      Select a customer from the dropdown menu.
      The checkbox and the customer fields can remain blank if the bill is not billable.
      Click "-- Select Class --"
      Click "Add Line" of adding another item to the bill.
      Click the "Memo" optional field to add text.
      Click "Save" or "Save & New".
      Click "OK"

      Make a Payment

      Click "Toggle Dropdown" next to Journal Entries for options.
      Click "Make Payment" if you'd like to pay right away.

      Pay Bills

      You can also pay bills by clicking "Quick Actions"
      Click "Pay Bills"
      Click "-- Select Payee --" to search and add parameters if need be.
      Select the Vendor from the dropdown menu.
      Click "Search"
      Click the checkbox(es) of the Bills to be included in the check.
      Click "Save and Print"
      The list of checks that need to be printed will populate. Search for the one(s) you need to print.
      Click here to select them.
      Click "Preview and Print"
      The check will populate and can be printed.
      Answer the prompt window accordingly.
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