Pending Invoice Conversion to Open

An agent (or admin on behalf of agent) needs to approve the marketing task. This triggers the task status to Approved. That status is needed to complete the below steps.
18 steps | 54 seconds
Verify Pending Invoice
Click "Pending Invoices"
Click here for invoice looking to convert to open
Verify status
Finalize Approved Marketing Task
Click "Active"
Locate task in approved status
Click here.
This field adjusts to actual invoice amount. If you put in $30, new invoice amount will be $30.
Add comments to help describe invoice adjustment. This will show as line item on invoice for difference in invoice amount
Hourly Rates
Enter hours worked if applicable
Click here to remove any hourly rate charge. As long as no time entered in step 9 it will not apply a hourly charge
Click "Submit"
Verify Invoice in Open Status
Click "Open Invoices"
Click this link.
Verify status
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