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    2024 YMCA SC National Entries On Swimcloud

    ** An Important Message About Check-In **

    To ensure that your entries and team check-in process at Nationals go as smoothly as possible, we'd like to point out the following:

    1. Make sure that the name in your Swimcloud Coaching Profile matches exactly the one used in the YMCA’s annual registration system through TeamUnify.

    2. Coaches must also be registered in the YMCA annual registration system and maintain up-to-date certifications

    3. Make sure that all coaches attending the meet are on your team's coaching roster in Swimcloud. See the step-by-step guide below, or please see this article: Add or remove a coach from your team.

      Coaches On Swimcloud - Add, Edit & Remove
    4. Be sure your team’s name is also the same in both systems.

    5. If your meet results are not in the SWIMS database, be prepared to prove your entry times for the YMCA National Championship Meet.

    6. Important: Below are links to forms that must be completed before arriving in Greensboro

      1. Adult Athlete Form

      2. Parent of Minor Athlete Form

      3. Coach Form

      4. CEO/Executive Director Form

    How To Upload Your Entry File To Swimcloud

    1 - Make sure you have a Swimcloud Coach Profile

    1a - If you already have an account, verify your ability to log in

    If you have forgotten your password you can reset it yourself. You can always reach out to [email protected] for additional help.

    Reset Your Password

    1b - Register as a coach on Swimcloud if you don't have an account

    You need to be a registered coach on Swimcloud to manage your team, roster, and submit entries. Swimcloud customer service policy requires that we verify a coach's identity and association with a team. Please register with an email address that can be found on your team's website.

    If your team doesn't have a website, you can send proof of your association to [email protected]. This is very important because Swimcloud takes data integrity and security very seriously.

    Register as a Swimcloud coach

    1c - Do you coach more than one team?

    If you coach two or more teams, you can have one Swimcloud login that will work for all of your teams. To have another team added to your Swimcloud coach profile, please send an email to [email protected] and give us the team names, or better yet, the Swimcloud links to your teams.

    Coach Of Multiple Teams - Switch Between Teams

    1d - Add your coaching staff to your team Swimcloud

    You will be required to enter members of your coaching staff who plan to attend the meet. your coaching staff in the meet for things like deck passes and for them to be a part of the meet administrator's communications list. As a coach for your team on Swimcloud, you can add or remove coaches from your team at any time.

    Coaches On Swimcloud - Add, Edit & Remove

    2 - Create your entry file.

    Swimcloud will accept entry files from all of the major swim team management providers including Hy-Tek Team Manager, Team Unify, SwimTopia, and more.

    Create and export your entry file and save it to your computer.

    Instead of emailing your entry file to the meet administrator, you will be uploading it to Swimcloud. It's the same process as before - you're just uploading a file instead of emailing a file.

    And, if you make a mistake, or need to change your lineup, you can upload a new file or make alterations on Swimcloud right up to the entry deadline. See step #5 below.

    3 - Find the meet on Swimcloud

    Here is a link to the 2024 YMCA National Short Course Swimming Championship on Swimcloud

    Please note: In order to upload an entry file, your team must be included as a participant in the meet on Swimcloud. There are two ways for that to happen:

    3a - Enter a swim meet already on your schedule

    YMCA teams may already be added to the meet. This is because teams got copied to this year's meet from last year's meet. If this is the case for your team, the meet will automatically show up on your schedule and you can easily find the meet and submit your entries.

    Find a meet on your Swimcloud schedule

    3b - Add your team to an existing meet on Swimcloud

    If your team is not in the meet, you can add your team to an existing meet on Swimcloud and submit your entries,

    Here is a link to the 2024 YMCA National Short Course Swimming Championship on Swimcloud

    Add Your Team To A Meet

    Link to Swimcloud help article "Add your team to an existing meet on Swimcloud"

    4 - Add swimmers to your meet roster

    We encourage you to enter all of your swimmers to your team's meet roster even if you are importing an entry file. Swimcloud is only able to identify qualifying times from high school meets if the swimmer is identified on your meet roster. More info on using High School times for YMCA National entries.

    5 - Upload your entry file

    Once you have found and selected the meet, simply upload your entry file.

    YMCA Nationals - Upload entry file to Swimcloud

    6 - Review, edit entries, or upload an updated entry file

    After you've uploaded your initial entry file:

    • You can review, edit entries and print your entries

    YMCA Nationals - Review Entries, Edit & Print
    • You may edit your entry or upload an updated entry file right up until the entry deadline.

    YMCA Nationals - Upload Revised Entry File

    7 - Add Coaches To Your Meet Roster

    Once your entries are complete, please be sure to add the coaches on your staff who are attending the meet on the Coaches Tab. Completing your coach's entries will make sure deck passes are created for your staff and that the proper amount will be charged for your deck passes. Fees for coaches' deck passes will only be calculated and charged for coaches added here.

    This will allow the meet administrator to use Swimcloud's built-in communication tools to communicate more easily with you before, during, and after the meet.

    All coaches must be registered and approved in the YMCA annual team and coach registration system in TeamUnify and must have current certifications through the end of the meet.

    Add Coaches to your meet entry

    8 - Submit Your Entries

    After you have uploaded, reviewed, edited, and printed, and you are sure that your entries are correct, the final step is to "Submit" your entries. When you "Submit" your entries, you will get an automatic email from Swimcloud that contains a .pdf of your entry report with the date and time that your entry was submitted.

    On the HOME tab of the 2024 YMCA National Short Course Swimming Championship on Swimcloud, click the three dots to the right of your team name, scroll down, and click "Submit"

    9 - Paying Meet Fees

    The YMCA is using Swimcloud to collect meet fees via credit card or another form of electronic payment. Please click on the "FEES" tab of the meet, create your invoice, and pay it preferably before you arrive in Greensboro for check-in.

    You will be entering the total number of 2024 Athlete Dinner Tickets for your team, and paying for those tickets on Swimcloud as part of your 2024 SC National Entries. "Paying for Athlete Dinner Tickets"

    Here is a link to a Swimcloud help article "Entering A Meet: Paying Meet Fees"

    10 - Warning Messages

    Your meet entries on Swimcloud will be checked by default against the meet entry rules or qualifying times. The majority of the messages you may see are simply warnings that are meant to help the coach or for the Meet Administrator to dig deeper for potential proof of times.

    Please keep in mind that if your meet results are not in the SWIMS database, be prepared to prove your entry times for the YMCA National Championship Meet at check-in.

    Some errors, like over-entering, are blocked by the meet rules and you will get a pop-up message when this happens.

    If you have specific questions, please contact your meet administrator or [email protected]

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