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    Doordash 101: How to Feed Yourself

    Hey friend, you're about to learn about my favorite app. Doordash isn't just a great food delivery service, it's a lifestyle. Let's dive in!

    💡 How to sign up for Doordash?

    Exciting! You're taking the first step towards a fun eating experience. Let's get you set up with an account so that you can start ordering:

    How to create an account in Doordash

    💸 How to get referral credit for Doordash?

    Doordash can be expensive, especially if you order as much deep dish pizza as I do. Make it a little easier on yourself by referring your friends to Doordash. Bonus, you're making their lives better too.

    How to get credit in Doordash

    💳 How to add credit cards to Doordash?

    Sad news, you have to pay for your food 😭. Here's how to add your payment info to your Doordash account.

    Adding a default credit card to your Doordash account

    ❌ How to cancel your Doordash order?

    Ordered the wrong dish? Put in the wrong delivery address? I've done this — it's stressful. Here's how to cancel that order so you can try again.

    How to cancel your Doordash order

    💔 How to delete Doordash account?

    Sometimes it's good to take a break from ordering food. Save some money and eat healthier by cooking at home. If you want to say goodbye to Doordash for a while, here's how:

    How to delete your Doordash account
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