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    Twitter Outreach SOP


    This is a step-by-step guide to:

    1. Setting up brand new Twitter accounts

    2. Warming up new Twitter accounts to be used for cold messaging

    3. And prospecting your target customers... the Human way

    This SOP is designed to be duplicated 'as-is.' Meaning, you will be able to hire an SDR, give them this SOP, and have them start reaching out to your target customers business within the hour.

    STEP #1: New Twitter Account Setup

    Setting up a new Twitter account is a fairly straightforward process. To make it as streamlined as possible, be prepared with:

    1. A profile picture of the Founder's face (400x400 px)

      1. Profile's with the Founders real face as the picture perform better than any other profile picture

      2. With that said, if this is your 3rd, 4th, or 5th account, feel free to use your logo (you can only create up to 5 accounts)

    2. A cover photo

      1. Ideally you use a cover photo that promotes your business

      2. However, this will not majorly affect your conversion rates

    STEP #2: New Twitter Account Warm up

    Once you've set up a new Twitter account, we can't start cold DMing right out of the gate. We need to 'warm up' the account. Meaning, we need to make sure Twitter will not suspend or ban our account when we begin our prospecting & outreach campaign.

    Although we never use bots to actually do the initial messaging, Twitter still might think you're a bot if you act like one.

    Based on our experience, the best way to properly warm up a Twitter account is:

    • Tweet at least once a day for the first 30 days

    • Start by following large accounts within your niche

    • Engage with recent posts by commenting, quote tweeting, or retweeting

      • Liking is easy for a bot to do, so you should do more than just like tweets

    • Start by sending 25-50 cold DMs per day

      • Increase the volume every week by 10-20 until you get to your desired number (you cannot go past 500 in a day)

      • We recommend staying below 300 to keep your account in good standing.

      • We also recommend you don't send message too frequently, nor send the exact message back-to-back 10 times in a row.

    STEP #3: Prospecting & Outreach on Twitter

    There are a few different methods for prospecting & messaging potential customers.

    Usually, you're making a decision between whether to go for Volume or Quality.

    Volume: mass DMing which is usually most efficient with a bot and a message that can be easily copy & pasted

    Quality: thought out messages that are unique to each prospect but have the same Offer.

    Our method combines the two by teaching our SDRs to be as efficient as possible when finding prospects, reviewing their profile, engaging with their recent tweets, and crafting personalized messages based on their quick research.

    Our SDRs can prospect and write personalized messages at a 2/minute pace.

    You can train your SDRs to do the same by follow our step-by-step walkthrough.

    The walkthrough is an example of us prospecting and messaging folks who we believe will be a good fit for our Slack community:

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