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    Add Variants to Marketing Opportunities

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      Navigate to your brokerage's login page and log in as a System user.
      From the Dashboard page, navigate to the dashboard menu and click "Invoices" to reveal a dropdown menu.
      Click "Marketing & Services".
      You'll be forwarded to the Marketing Opportunities page where you'll see a table of all the opportunities available. From there, use the three search bars at the top of the page to find the opportunity you'd like to add a variant to.
      Once you've found the desired marketing opportunity you'll notice that the "Variant" column is blank. In order to add the first variant you'll need to click the "Action" button under the Action column.
      This button forwards you the Edit Marketing Opportunity page. Locate the Basic info section.
      There you'll notice the "Variant" field is blank. Type in the name of the first variant.
      For this example, we'll type "Test Variant #1".
      Click the "Save" button in the bottom right corner.
      After the page refreshes, click "MARKETING" in the top left corner to be redirected to the Marketing Opportunities page.
      Navigate back to the same opportunity and you'll notice the "Variant" field is no longer blank. Instead you notice the name of your first variant. Click "Test Variant #1" to access the new variant's page.
      Since variants are duplicates of the original opportunity you can now make the necessary changes on the variant's page.
      Once you've entered all of the details for the variant click "Save" in the bottom right corner of the page.
      Click "MARKETING" again to redirect yourself back to the Marketing Opportunities page.
      Now that you have saved the information for the first variant you can click the "Add Variant" button to add additional variants.
      This time the system will prompt you to enter the second variants name.
      Type "est Variant #2"
      Click "Submit" and the system will forward you to the second variant's page.
      Now you can fill in the information for the second variant.
      Click "Save" in the bottom right corner of the page.
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