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    Google Chrome and Security Settings

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      NOTE: This tutorial is only intended to demonstrate where Google Chrome's browser settings are; not the best way to set up your browser's security. Contact UITS for additional information for your specific situation.

      Incognito Mode

      Click on the ellipsis located in the top right corner and then click on "New Incognito Window"
      There will be information provided to you by Chrome on searching in this mode. Begin searching if this is your desired setting.

      Change Chrome Settings

      One way you can protect your privacy is by changing your browser's security settings. On most web browsers, you have the ability to block or limit cookies. You can also clear out the cookies that have been left on your browser history. Click on the ellipsis on the top right, then click "Settings."
      Then click "Privacy and Security."
      Click "Security"
      Scroll for additional choices for your browser security settings.
      Other settings that can be changed are "Clear browsing data" which will allow you to clear your cookies, and "Cookies and other site data" which allows you to delete cookies from other websites that you have visited that are not Google-related. .
      "Clear browsing data" allows you to delete all cookies from your browser so they stop tracking you.
      "Cookies and other site data" settings allow you to pick and choose which site cookies to sites you visit are allowed to track your data.
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