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    How to Hide Orders on Amazon

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    *Please note* - this how to guide is only relevant for users who are on the browser version of []( Those using the Android or IOS app will need to follow a different process.
    Navigate to []( and login to the account that has an order you want to hide
    Click 'Returns & Orders'
    Click "View order details"
    Click "Archive order"
    Click 'Archive order' again. If you had multiple items in the same order, you will archive all of them at the same time.
    Your order will now be archived. If someone looks at your list of recent orders the item(s) you archived will not appear. However, if you would like to view your archived order you can find them by doing the following:
    Click "Account & Lists"
    Click "Archived orders"
    You can now view your list of archived orders. If you want to 'unarchive' an order, follow the step below:
    Click "Unarchive Order"
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