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    Overview of Account Transfers

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine and log in as a System Admin user.
      Click "Accounting" in dashboard menu tab.
      Click "Banking" tab in Accounting dashboard menu.
      Click "Transfers" from submenu.
      The Transfers page will display a table of transfer records.

      Search for a Transfer

      At the top of the page you can search for transfer records based on the specified time period.
      Click "Current Year". from the dropdown menu.
      Click the "From" field to select a date range.
      Click the "To" field.
      Click "Search" to find transfers during the date range.
      Select the desired transfer in the table.
      Click the Action button to review details of the transfer.

      Create a New Transfer

      Click "New Transfer" to record a new transfer.
      Please note that the transfers do not affect bank accounts in real time but are only displayed in the system for recording purposes.
      The Transfer Detail page allows you to select which accounts you want to transfer money to and from.
      It will also show the current balance of the accounts involved.
      Click the "Transfer Amount" field to specify the amount you want transferred.
      Click the "Date" field to specify when you want the transfer to occur.
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