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    Guides For Discord

    This page contains brief tutorials for various tasks and using Discord capabilities. Whether you are a newcomer to the platform or a seasoned user looking to expand your knowledge, our tutorials help you make the most out of your Discord experience.

    Each tutorial on this page is crafted to provide concise and easy-to-follow instructions. Navigating through the tutorials is simple and user-friendly. Each tutorial is organized into sections, making finding the specific information you seek easy. Whether you prefer to read through the tutorials or follow along with screenshots and visuals, we have included various resources to accommodate different learning styles.

    Please let me know what you think! I greatly appreciate feedback on making my tutorials better and easier to use.

    Discord Basics Tutorial

    The Scribe below is one that I created for a podcast on how to use Discord. While it was intended for a specific podcast, it will still show anyone else how to get started with Discord. I also encourage you to check out the podcast!

    Discord BasicsGiving Permissions In Discord For Emojis and Creative Expressions

    Customizing Your Interface

    Edit The Channels Followed In Discord

    Discord Bots

    Discord WorkflowUsing Channel Bot To Lock and Unlock ChannelsCreate a Poll in Discord Using MEE6 Bot
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