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    Workday Customer Invoice Proposals


    The Workday Invoice Proposal is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and automate the invoice management process for Project Time and Expense projects. The invoice proposal aims to address the challenges and inefficiencies often associated with manual invoice processing, such as human errors, time-consuming tasks, and lack of visibility.

    For T&M contracts, a billing specialist has the option to create an invoice proposal prior to creating an invoice. This feature allows the billing specialist to edit the transaction lines similar to the Manage Project Billing Transactions (MPBT) module. Once the invoice proposal is approved by the Project Manager (PM) and Principal (if applicable), it will automatically be converted into a Customer Invoice with an Approved status. Lastly, the billing specialist will need to process a final print run prior to sending the invoice to the client.

    Process Flow


    Prior to creating an invoice proposal, the status of transactions to be billed must be reviewed and changed from Awaiting Review to Ready to Bill. Only Ready to Bill transactions can be added to an invoice proposal or invoice.

    Note: Auto-Submit Invoices for Approval must be selected on the Billing Schedule Header before creating an Invoice Proposal. If not selected, the PM/Principal will have to approve twice. 

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    Edit Billing Schedule Header (T&M)

    Note: If a transaction's hours or amounts are modified in MPBT, the change must be submitted to be recognized in the system.

    Create Customer Invoice Proposal

    Invoice Proposal Workspace

    The Invoice Proposal Workspace offers a user-friendly interface allows for tracking of all invoice proposals. In this module, a billing specialist may submit, print, and/or cancel invoice proposals individually or in bulk.

    Invoice proposals can also be found on the project record: Financials > Customer Invoices.

    Create Single Invoice Proposal

    Follow the step-by-step user guide below to create, edit, submit, and print a single invoice proposal.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Create an Invoice Proposal

    Create Multiple Invoice Proposals

    Follow the step-by step user guide below to create, submit, and print multiple invoice proposals simultaneously.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Create Multiple Invoice Proposals

    Edit or Cancel Invoice Proposal(s)

    Edit Invoice Proposal

    The invoice proposal has flexible editing capabilities, allowing transactions to be managed within the proposal similar to Manage Project Billing Transactions (MPBT).

    Add External Attachment(s) to Invoice Proposal

    You are able to manage external attachments directly on Invoice Proposals. This feature allows users to easily attach supporting documentation, such as client summaries, contracts, or any other files that may be necessary for review or approval.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Add External Attachment(s) to Invoice Proposal

    Add Transactions to Invoice Proposal

    You are able to add transactions prior to the last transaction date originally selected by changing the Billing Status in MPBT to Ready to Bill and then refreshing the Invoice Proposal.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Add Transaction(s) to Invoice Proposal

    Remove Transactions from Invoice Proposal

    You are able to remove transaction lines by changing the Billing status in the Project Transactions tab of the Invoice Proposal.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Remove Transaction(s) from Invoice Proposal

    Cancel Invoice Proposal

    Invoice Proposals can be canceled individually or in bulk. It is important to note that once a proposal is canceled, it cannot be undone. There also will not be a saved record of the canceled proposal.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Edit or Cancel Invoice Proposal
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