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Scribe leadership

We founded Scribe in 2019 because we knew there HAD to be an easier, more effective way to share what you know. What started small is now a movement — tens of thousands of teams wide!

When people make their first Scribe, they can’t believe it’s that fast and easy. We call it the “aha!” moment, and we’re obsessed with sharing that joy with everyone.

Jennifer Smith

Co-founder and CEO
Process 👑. Former powerpoint pusher at McKinsey & Company, Greylock Partners. Princeton and Harvard Business School alum.

Aaron Podolny

Co-founder and CTO
Repeat founder. Believes design + code = chef's kiss. Former Google engineer (via acquisition of his previous startup). Yale University alum.

What we value

Getting things done

Daredevils wanted! At Scribe, we always default to action. We call it "intentional risk-taking."

Winning together

When we say we’re all in this together, we mean it. Your wins are our wins!

Saying goodbye to limiting beliefs

We like to dream big... and then we go for it. The worst that can happen? We learn something new.
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Always improving

There’s always something on the horizon. We celebrate creativity, new ideas & every lesson.

Enabling everyone to do their best

We're committed to doing the best work of our careers. Everyone deserves the chance to be proud of what they do.
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Putting people first

To be frank, we're obsessed with our users. We always aim to empathize & understand what makes your work (and life) easier.


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