We’re on a mission to unleash and uplevel the world’s know-how.

The best ways of working are here. They’re just not evenly distributed.

Who we are

We believe there’s an expert in everyone. On every team, there are go-to people who have figured out the best way to do every process.
This knowledge powers every company, but it rarely gets shared because doing so is painfully manual and time-consuming.
Keeping processes in our heads is one of the biggest problems facing teams today, but we’ve all just accepted it because we’ve never had any other choice.
We built Scribe to change that.
We’re on a mission to unleash and uplevel the world’s know-how.

Join us.

Scribe helps you automatically capture and share the best ways of working.

Loved by over 1 million go-to people

Our users all have something important in common: they are the go-to people that  everyone turns to to get things done. They are the ones who make everything work at work.

When go-to people share that know-how with others, the whole team gets better. But, up until now, there was no good way to share processes. Taking screenshots, typing instructions in Slack and hopping on a Zoom are all highly manual and time-intensive.

We built Scribe to make it easy and automatic for the go-to person to share what they know how to do.

Our team

We love what we do and who we do it for. We are doers aspiring to master our crafts. We care deeply about our teammates and want to win, together.
Sound like you? Check out our careers page.
A headshot of Clark, go-to person for salesA headshot of Ishan, go-to person for engineeringA headshot of Nick, go-to person for growthA headshot of Andry, go-to person for supportA headshot of Aaron, go-to person for leadershipA headshot of Nav, go-to person for engineering
A headshot of Jennifer, go-to person for leadershipA headshot of Vikki, go-to person for marketingA headshot of Ryan, go-to person for designA headshot of Caroline, go-to person for marketingA headshot of Morgan, go-to person for complianceA headshot of Morgan, go-to person for compliance

Our values

Make our users heroes

Live for the look on a user’s face when they create their first Scribe.

Radical ownership

Make empowered decisions.

One team, one dream

Win as a team, together.

No limiting beliefs

Constantly pursue the next step-change improvement.

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