Helping teams
do their best work

Everyone should be able to share their know-how in seconds. 
Skip the lengthy meetings, emails, or docs explaining “how-to.” Just Scribe it.

Everyone is an expert.
Whether you’ve mastered a process, discovered a cool workaround, or found a faster way, you know how to do something no one else does. That know-how deserves to be shared and celebrated.

That’s the big idea
behind Scribe.

We imagine a world where the best of what anyone knows how to do is available to everyone. Instantly and automatically. So every person, company, and community can do their best work, every day. With a little more ease and joy.

Scribe leadership

In 2019, we founded Scribe because we felt that there simply had to be a better way to share know-how — with colleagues, with parents, you name it. What started small has become a movement and we’ve grown to a team of builders who want to make a dent in the way the world runs.

Jennifer Smith

Co-founder and CEO
Process 👑. Former powerpoint pusher at McKinsey & Company, Greylock Partners. Princeton and Harvard Business School alum.

Aaron Podolny

Co-founder and CTO
Repeat founder. Believes design + code = chef's kiss. Former Google engineer (via acquisition of his previous startup). Yale University alum.

What we value

Invest in people

We are people-first. We believe everyone deserves to do work they feel proud of. Our mission is to enable everyone - from our users to our team members - to do, and be recognized for, their best work.

Win together

We are all better together. Everyone has something valuable to contribute, and by sharing all of our talents, we’re able to do, build, and be more.

Grow together

We embrace a growth mindset. We believe the best teams are collaborative, respectful, and transparent, and push each other to be the best they can be.

Seek truth in data

We value intellectual honesty. We believe in a data-driven approach to decision-making, in pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement.

Be grateful and share

Sharing your talents in service of others is one of life’s great joys. We are grateful for what we get to build and share. We want to empower knowledge workers everywhere to feel the same privilege.


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an exceptional team(if we may say so ourselves 😎) and are hiring across nearly all roles - come join us!

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