You focus on the process. We’ll focus on the documentation.

Scribe is the best way to document and share step-by-step guides for any process. You might just never get a follow-up question again.
Here's a Scribe walking you though the process.
Diego, can you remind me how to complete the new reporting process?

Show how it’s done

Scribe instantly turns any process into a step-by-step guide

Create process documentation in seconds

And the best part? It requires no extra work. Scribe creates step-by-step guides as you do your job.

Update processes and alert team members with the click of a button

The only thing constant about process is change. Scribe makes it easy to update screenshots or instructions and notify your teammates.

Ensure things get done in a consistent way

Scribe serves as a single source of truth for how teams across your company should be doing a process.

Go-to people love Scribe

Scribe makes it so easy to create process documentation and collaborate on processes.
Sandra K.
Head of Operations
Whenever something has gone wrong, it’s because someone didn’t follow a process. Scribe has helped processes become impossible not to follow because it’s just that easy.
Emily S.
Recruiting Operations
I’m able to complete an extra project a month because I don’t spend time documenting anymore.
Vaibhav G.
Project Manager

Document & share any process

Features that'll have you saying "where has this been all my life!?"

Automatic step instructions

From step-by-step guides to manuals, get the most out of your team's documentation.

Shareable links & PDF export

Share your guides however you need: via email, embed in your wiki or LMS, or export to PDF.

Custom branding

Add your company logo and colors to create on-brand, professional-looking guides.

Web & desktop process capture

Automatically create how-to guides for any web or desktop based process.

Sensitive data redaction

Stay compliant by automatically redacting employee or customer data from screenshots.

AI-generated process documents

Use AI to generate SOPs, training manuals and process overviews for any process.

What’s the Scribe impact?

Scribe will save your team hours of work (and lots of headaches) every week
Save time
Document your processes 15x faster.
Get answers faster
Find answers to your questions 67% faster.
Increase productivity
Boost your team’s productivity by 25%.

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Scribe automatically generates how-to guides and serves them to your team when they need them most. Save time, stay focused, help others.