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Scribe surfaces the collective know-how of your team. So everyone can do, and share, their best work.

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the power of how-to

Improve productivity

Empower teams to spend less time searching for how-to and more time actually doing.

Uplevel employees

Boost your team’s output by surfacing best practices and making them readily available to everyone.

customer experience

Grow a loyal base by providing tailored guidance to each and every customer.

Adapt to change

Stay agile amidst market changes with rapid onboarding and cross-training for hybrid and remote teams.

The operating system for know-how

Record any process.

Simply hit record and do your work as normal. Scribe works on any application, desktop or web, and captures cross-application processes.

Make your guide your own.

Want to add more guidance for your viewers? With a robust editor, Scribe makes it easy to adjust screenshots, flow, and text.

Share how-to with your team, customers, friends, anyone!

Scribes are ready to share with the click of a button and can also be embedded in existing wikis and tools.

Create visual step-by-step guides in seconds.

Scribe automatically turns your digital workflows into beautiful how-to guides. So you can do, and share, your best work.

Scribe helps teams
do their best work

Sales, Success and Support

Onboard new customers

Scale tailored customer experiences

Research and Development

Automate documentation

Build and launch products


Document processes

Enable teams on finance tools

People and Talent

Onboard new hires

Enable peer-to-peer learning

Technology Teams

Improve technology adoption

Build better training manuals


Onboard new employees

Empower hybrid teams

Scribe works with your existing tools

Security and Privacy. Scribe keeps data and privacy secure with platform-wide protections.

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