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Scribe is your single source of truth for all processes. Reduce the time teams spend documenting, verifying and sharing processes by 93%.

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Your company runs on processes

Scribe helps employees document and share processes quickly and easily, so everyone can do and share their best work.

Save hours every week documenting processes

Stop wasting time copy/pasting screenshots into process documents. Automatically create step-by-step guides in seconds.

Standardize processes and training guides

Standardize the way processes are documented, followed and shared across your organization to maximize efficiency.

Create a source of truth for all tools and processes

Use Scribe as the standard for how employees learn how to use tools and follow processes correctly.


What do teams use Scribe for?

Process documentation

Reduce time spent documenting processes and creating SOPs.

Helping teammates

Help answer your teammates' questions quickly.

New hire onboarding

Onboard new hires quickly and reduce strain on SMEs.

Tool adoption

Ensure employees adopt new tools quickly and correctly.

Customer training

Maximize customer success by ensuring customers are trained effectively.

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Why teams 


Save time
Document your processes 15x faster.
Increase productivity
Boost your team’s productivity by 25%.
Get answers faster
Find answers to your questions 67% faster.
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Northern Trust uses Scribe to streamline processes
How Northern Trust reduced time spent on non-client tasks by 69% and gave partners more time to focus on delivering service to clients.
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Keep your processes and data safe
Enterprise customers enjoy all the time-saving benefits of Scribe, alongside even stronger privacy and security controls.
  • Automatically redact sensitive data with Smart Privacy Screen

  • Authenticate and provision users via SSO and SCIM

  • Data encryption & regular data backups

  • Intrusion detection and prevention technology

  • Restrict guide sharing to specific organizations or teams

  • Guide approval queue

  • Advanced user management and admin controls

  • Guide sharing controls

Control & Visibility
Control quality and accuracy of guides
Work with your dedicated Customer Success partner to customize your account and simplify user management with admin roles and permissions.
Deliver documentation to your employees in their flow of work
Help everyone in your organization view guides and learn processes - without sacrificing security.
  • Answer your colleague’s questions before they ask with Scribe Sidekick

  • Follow instructions side-by-side the process to avoid errors

  • See who views and completes your Scribes with insights

  • Help the right people securely access the right content

“We’re thrilled with how intuitive and user-friendly Scribe is, and we’ve truly seen the results. It’s changing the way we work as we continue to find new ways to utilize the platform.”

Pete Cherecwich, President of Northern Trust Asset Servicing


Scribe works where your team works

Embed Scribes in hundreds of tools you're already using, such as knowledge bases, wikis, LMS platforms and more.
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Scribe automatically generates how-to guides and serves them to your team when they need them most. Save time, stay focused, help others.