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Empower your teams to use the tools they need to succeed

Increase technology adoption and boost productivity with Scribe’s auto-generated step-by-step guides.

Show how it’s done.

Scribe instantly turns any process into a step-by-step guide.

Help employees adopt and use tools correctly

Help your teams master any tool - whether it's Workday, GSuite, Jira or another solution - with quick and easy step-by-step guides.

Create training materials for tools in half the time

Create foolproof technical documentation in seconds, so you can earn precious time back for your strategic projects.

Quickly solve employees’ technical problems

Quickly troubleshoot problems and reduce the number of IT support inquiries by augmenting your IT support center with Scribe.

“Scribe saves me so much time. My customers often need help with the same processes, so I Scribe something once and can use it over and over.”
Max P., IT Help Desk
“Scribe has been a game-changer in helping me onboard customers at LinkedIn. Cuts onboarding time in half.”
Dora P., Head of Business Process Automation
“Scribe is incredibly efficient for communicating with customers in a scalable manner.”
Bruce Z., IT Support
“Making technical tutorials is really, really easy.”
Dora P., Head of Business Process Automation
“Our team saves so much time by re-using Scribes to troubleshoot similar issues across the company.”
Max P., IT Help Desk
“We’ve reduced the time it takes to handle an IT support ticket by 60%.”
Bruce Z., IT Support
Favorite features

Document and share any process

Automatic step-by-step guide creation
Centralized repository of step-by-step guides
Embed Scribes in hundreds of other tools
Visibility into usage data
SOC 2 Type II compliant
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Why IT teams 



decrease in time spent creating documentation


reduction in time spent answering IT support tickets


decrease in new hire onboarding time

Scribe is proud to be SOC 2 Type II compliant

Learn more about Scribe’s recent SOC 2 Type II audit and tireless commitment to your security and privacy.

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