HR & L&D teams

Even your newest employees know all the answers

Employees that do everything right the first time? HR’s dream! Help your colleagues learn processes 93% faster with auto-generated step-by-step guides.

Simple knowledge management

Scribe instantly turns any process into a step-by-step guide.

Fast new hire onboarding

Help new hires ramp faster by giving them step-by-step guides for everything they need to know.

Quick process documentation

Say goodbye to manually copy/pasting screenshots into training guides. Save time showing employees how it's done with Scribe's automatic step-by-step guides.

Efficient access to knowledge

Sick of answering the same questions day after day? Scribe’s central library of step-by-step guides help you answer employee questions faster. Plus, you can embed guides into wikis and other internal resources.

“Scribe saves me so much time. My customers often need help with the same processes, so I Scribe something once and can use it over and over.”
Megan M., Education and Training Developer
“Scribe has been a game-changer in helping me onboard customers at LinkedIn. Cuts onboarding time in half.”
Natasha B., Implementation Manager
“Scribe is incredibly efficient for communicating with customers in a scalable manner.”
Audrey N., Educator
“Scribe unlocks a lot of possibilities for knowledge sharing and micro learning.”
Natasha B., Implementation Manager
“I’m shouting from the rooftops how much I love this product. Scribe is such a time saver and an incredible product.”
Megan M., Education and Training Developer
“Scribe has really changed my work life. It’s my favorite extension by a mile.”
Audrey N., Educator
Favorite features

Document and share any process - instantly!

Automatic step-by-step guide creation
Works on any web or desktop process
Customize text, add tips and annotate screenshots
Integrates with most knowledge bases, wikis and tools
Security and privacy compliant
Boost your team's productivity today

Why HR & L&D teams 



faster than manual documentation


increase in productivity


easier for employees to find answers to their questions

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