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Feature Release Template

IT & Engineering
A feature release document outlines the new features or updates being released for a product or service. This features release template includes information about the purpose of the release, the benefits of the new features and any important details that stakeholders need to know about the release.
Last updated:
February 1, 2023

A features release document is a critical tool for product managers, stakeholders and teams, outlining the details of new features and functionality being added to a product. A well-constructed features release template can help ensure that everyone involved in the release process clearly understands what is being launched and why.

  • Document and sort: Clearly outline and prioritize the new features being introduced.
  • Communicate pre-launches and launches: Share the impact and benefits of these new features to stakeholders, and keep them informed as launch time comes.
  • Relay important details: Ensure all necessary information, such as timeline, resources, and risks, is captured and organized
  • Speed up processes: Streamline workflows and approvals for new feature releases
  • Track progress: Easily monitor the status of each feature release and make any necessary updates.

In conclusion, using a features release template can save you time, improve the consistency and quality of your releases, and help inform decision-making for future releases. They provide a framework that is easy to customize and can improve communication across teams.


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