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Knowledge base Chrome extension can make your workflow or process documentation easier. Cut the time you need by using Scribe to build your knowledge base.
Build a Knowledge Base — Fast!
Build a Knowledge Base — Fast!
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Knowledge Base Chrome Extension

Save, share, and access your information within your teams and externally in seconds. Simply let Scribe do its magic.

Install This Knowledge Base Chrome Extension to Build Your Information Repository

With so much information available to share within a company, it’s important to have a tool that allows you to exchange and access information effortlessly.

Whether you're creating an internal user guide, an on-the-job training document, or even an SOP,  having a knowledge base Chrome extension can help you accomplish this.

Thanks to Scribe, your team can create, share, access, and update knowledge directly within their current workflow. Just turn the recorder on, and Scribe does the rest with its AI capabilities.

You can now create a comprehensive knowledge base document with not only text but visual elements for your business that’ll come in handy for years. 

What is a Knowledge Base?

Working collaboratively and operating more efficiently and effectively is important, particularly in remote and hybrid work environments.

All knowledge bases provide significant information to clients and prospects, but the type of data and information you include in it is determined by the objective of your business for building one. 

A knowledge base is the final result of collecting and organizing useful information, known as knowledge management. Once the information has been obtained, you may use a knowledge base Chrome extension to generate, manage, and present it to your end users as a knowledge base.

The goal is to provide technical knowledge and answers to frequently asked questions regarding a product, service, or system. Your IT staff can leverage their knowledge base to promote self-service, assisting users in diagnosing and resolving issues independently or guiding technicians to suitable solutions.

Instead of starting from scratch to find a solution, your team can consult the knowledge base to look at the history of similar situations. This allows your staff to save time and be more efficient, allowing them to focus on other business-critical duties.

You can also set up an internal knowledge base to supply useful information to your staff, such as benefit information, company vacations, etc.

It can also assist firms in staying current with the newest trends and advancements in their area, allowing them to remain competitive and exceed market expectations.

Knowledge bases may appear straightforward, but take a step back and consider the concept contextually. 

What Features Should a Knowledge Base Chrome Extension Have?

A knowledge base works as a resource where a customer/ employee may look up information about a product, service, or any internal process.

So, in turn, a knowledge base Chrome extension should have the following features: 

  • Capture the processes or workflows needed for the knowledge base
  • Create, host, and manage a centralized library of documentation with ease
  • Manage which teams and people can read, edit, or engage with particular content
  • Able to update the document as needed when new processes/ workflows are introduced
  • Collaborate with other team members to edit instructions or leave comments in real-time
  • Tag and organize any content that would be relevant for certain audiences

Overall, having a knowledge base Chrome extension should make your work easier and more efficient so that you can build out the knowledge base your team or end-users need.

Benefits of Using a Knowledge Base Chrome Extension to Document Workflows/Processes

It's difficult to come up with an effective knowledge base. Most people are unaware of how much ground needs to be covered. 

Moreover, it might be costly and time-consuming to create and manage it yourself. You may have to recruit extra staff, or your existing team must devote some of their valuable time to establishing a knowledge base alongside your product or service.

Building a knowledge base can assist you in scaling up your customer support and customer success activities without the need for additional customer support personnel. As a result, it can assist you in lowering expenses, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing the ROI of your customer success organization.

Building and organizing complicated resources is much easier when a proper knowledge base management solution is in place.


With a knowledge base Chrome extension like Scribe, you can help you distribute, save, and generate information more efficiently. Moreover, there are other benefits that you should be aware of:

1. Enables a More Efficient Process

Your team won't waste more time copying and pasting screenshots. You can automatically convert Any process or workflow into a step-by-step manual by clicking the record button for Scribe's Chrome extension. Its AI capabilities can quickly produce documentation in half the amount of time.

Moreover, because it’s the same process repeatedly, you can improve the consistency of your organization's workflow documentation and management. You won’t need extensive technical expertise to create professional and engaging knowledge base content.

2. Aids in Breaking Down Steps With Visuals

For instance, you could make a service request that lists the components of a knowledge article and includes a protocol for publishing approval. You can attach files and papers to support the response. However, retaining your customer’s or team’s attention can be hard. 

Scribe allows you to incorporate images, screenshots, or videos to help you understand any process. Robust and feature-rich knowledge base articles also considerably increase self-service solutions' success rates.

All recorded and altered steps will immediately create a document, where you can add text and subtitles to help your target readers understand the process and use AI to generate a title and subtitles. 

You can resize screenshots, annotate descriptions, hide private information, add descriptive or action-driven text, and more. 

3. Allows for Accessibility Across the Board

Publishing requester-consumable content on the portal or server will enable users to self-serve and find answers to their problems without contacting customer support representatives. End-users may easily sort, filter, and search for the needed expertise or information. So, customer service representatives can now concentrate on difficult questions or intricate requests for technical support. 

On the other hand, think about creating an internal knowledge repository that is used just by service desk representatives or internally. This can include confidential data that is only available to a select set of technical staff. 

With Scribe, you can apply different levels of visibility and access to the knowledge base, with different levels of content catered to different roles.

Getting Started with Scribe’s Knowledge Base Chrome Extension

Step 1: Capture your process

Once you’ve installed Scribe, navigate to the process or workflow you want to capture and click the Scribe icon in your Chrome toolbar. You can pin the extension to your taskbar for easy access whenever you need it.

Then, click ‘Start Capture.' Go through your process as usual. Scribe will follow along to build a doc of every step you took.

Step 2: Stop Capture

Once you’re done with your process, click ‘Stop Capture.’ This will stop the Scribe recording and auto-generate the document.

Step 3: Edit and Customize

Once you've stopped recording, Scribe will auto-generate a step-by-step guide with all the captured screenshots and text. You should check the knowledge base guide to ensure it properly explains what to do and make any necessary edits to add details or clarify any steps. 

You can also personalize it using AI, including edited instructions and annotated screenshots. In fact, you can add your company’s branding to make it look more professional and polished.  Our Pages feature also allows you to add numerous other guides with text and video.

Step 4: Share with your team

Your team can access your guide by adding it to your Scribe workspace, sharing a link, or including it in your resources section or internal documentation repository. Your guide can also be exported as PDF, HTML, or Markdown. 

It can be hosted in the cloud, a data center, or on a server, and it has templates for many types of content.

‎So, get started with adding Scribe as your knowledge base Chrome extension. Trust us, you’ll be churning out your knowledge base documentation in no time!

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