Scribe vs. Tango

Both process documentation tools help you build visual step-by-step guides. Here's why users are choosing Scribe.

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Why 1 million users are choosing Scribe

Create guides faster with less distractions

Want to create guides as quickly as possible? Scribe's interface is designed to work in the background as you go through your process — so you can focus on the work at hand while we build your documentation.

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Built to support all your processes – no matter how complicated

Are you creating several guides for the same tool or process? With Scribe Pages, you can combine several Scribes with video, images and additional context. This ensures all your guides stay organized in one place.

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Faster, more accurate way to create guides on desktop processes

If you're creating guides for desktop processes, then you need Scribe! Our intelligent capture tool will document every step for you — so that you don’t have to re-write “Click here” for every step.

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Designed for your whole team to work together

Do you plan on working with a team? Scribe has built-in team functionality that lets team members review and approve guides, submit feedback, view profiles and see what their teammates are creating and viewing.

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Go-to people love Scribe

Scribe is more my vibe. I've used both and we just moved forward with Scribe. Easier for all user types.
Pete Sena
Scribe is helping us solve a problem that’s as old as time. We’re thrilled with how intuitive and user-friendly Scribe is, and we’ve truly seen the results, both quantitatively and anecdotally.
Pete Cherecwich
Northern Trust
@ScribeHow has completely changed how I document and educate remote colleagues. I can create a walkthrough in 54 seconds.
Naomi West

The Roundup

Here's a more detailed breakdown of features that sets Scribe apart from its competitors.

Auto-generated step-by-step guides
Easy customization and edits
Share via link, embed or export
Frictionless guide creation
Faster, more accurate desktop guide creation
Combine Scribes for larger process docs in Pages
Easy-to-use templates
Team profiles & directory
Team activity feed
Admin-controlled sensitive data redaction

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