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Here’s what a Scribe looks like
Wait. You made this in just 17 seconds?!
This looks amazing! Sharing this with the team now.
Love to see the sensitive info blurred out!
We needed this years ago! No more manual screenshots.
Scribe IntroScribe StepScribe Tip StepScribe StepScribe StepScribe StepScribe Step
Here’s what a Scribe looks like
I absolutely love Scribe. It has made a HUGE difference in our business!
Tori Pierce
Organizational Development Manager
My colleague TEARED UP when using Scribe for the first time! She was shocked by the time saving.
Marcus Foden
Talent Leader
I'm OBSESSED with Scribe. It's saving me so much time. Highly recommend!
Elizabeth Wood
Director, HCA Healthcare
Scribe IntroScribe StepScribe Tip StepScribe StepScribe StepScribe StepScribe Step
I absolutely LOVE Scribe. It has made a huge difference in our business!
Tori Pierce
Organizational Development Manager

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Scribe's been a real game-changer for me, no more having to stop and take screenshots while I'm working. The best part? It's all automatic. No more manual documentation for me - that's a huge win in my book.
Qwantel Mosley
Founder & Business Manager
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Features that'll have you saying "where has this been all my life!?"

Web & desktop process capture

Automatically create how-to guides for any web or desktop based process.

Automatic step instructions

No more manually typing instructions! Scribe automatically writes how-to guides.

AI-generated process documents

Use AI to generate SOPs, training manuals and process overviews for any process.

Sensitive data redaction

Stay compliant by automatically redacting employee or customer data from screenshots.

Shareable links & PDF export

Share your guides however you need: via email, embed in your wiki or LMS, or export to PDF.

Custom branding

Add your company logo and colors to create on-brand, professional-looking guides.
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Go-to people love Scribe

The best thing since sliced bread! The ability to build visual guides/step-by-step tutorials with very little effort or hassle.
Seth M. List
G2 reviewer
S/O to @ScribeHow for making it so easy to create guides! Churned out three for my team in the last half hour.
I don’t think I have ever tried a product for less than 5 minutes before purchasing… until now. It is that good.
Steve Greenberg
Scribe is helping us solve a problem that’s as old as time. We’re thrilled with how intuitive and user-friendly Scribe is, and we’ve truly seen the results, both quantitatively and anecdotally.
Pete Cherecwich
Northern Trust
Extremely easy to share processes with team members without spending time drafting up guides.
Reece Bryan
G2 reviewer
Shoutout to @ScribeHow for making User Manual creations a breeze. Plenty of hours saved in creating How-to Guides and User Manuals in last 2 working days!
Vivek Agrawal
@ScribeHow has helped our team at @RZeroSystems scale from 30 to 200 employees and 50 to 300 customers over the past year.
Grant Morgan
I can make a tutorial for team members in minutes. The process is no fuss and simplified and features all the tools I need to work effectively.
Carla Ryan
G2 reviewer
@ScribeHow has completely changed how I document and educate remote colleagues. I can create a walkthrough in 54 seconds.
Naomi West
This app @ScribeHow creates "how to" docs for you. You just do the thing & it turns it into screen shots & a step by step guide.
Christina Poulton
This tool has made my transition to a Marketing Director so much easier. I have so much peace of mind knowing I can leave such detailed, visual how-to guides to my staff for training and in my absence.

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Save time
Document your processes 15x faster.
Get answers faster
Find answers to your questions 67% faster.
Increase productivity
Boost your team’s productivity by 25%.

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