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How to Highlight Duplicates in Google Sheets

Mark duplicates in Google Sheets to highlight potential errors or inconsistencies, maintaining data integrity.
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How to highlight duplicates in Google Sheets

This guide walks through how to visibly mark duplicates in a single column in Google Sheets using conditional formatting. The same logic came be applied to multiple columns i.e. entire datasets

1. Navigate to your spreadsheet

You can find this in the Google Drive or in your team's knowledge management tool.

2. Select the cell

Select the second cell in the column where you want to mark duplicates. If your column does not have a column header, select the first cell

3. Highlight the column

Highlight the entire column of data: For PCs, press ctrl + shift + down. For Macs, press cmd + shift + down

4. Click "Format."

This button is in the top menu navigational bar of your sheet.

5. Click "Conditional Formatting."

This is at the bottom of the drop down menu pop up.

6. Select the options under "Format cells if..."

This will appear on the lefthand side of your sheet.

7. Click "Custom formula is."

This will allow you to set your own formula.

8. Click "Value or formula."

Select the "Value or formula" field to start typing in your formula.

9. Type "=countif("

This formula will help you identify the range to pull from.

10. Copy and paste the range.

Click the "Apply to range." field to copy it by pressing cmd + c. Return to the "Value or formula" field and paste in the range via cmd + v.

11. Lock the data set.

Do this manually typing in the $ in front of both the letter and number of each cell.

💡 Note: The final formula for this example is: =countif($A$2:$A$8,$A2)>1

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