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How to Open and Save CSV Files in Google Sheets

Save a CSV file in Google Sheets to easily transfer and update your spreadsheet data.
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A CSV file (Comma Separated Values) is a common file format that lets you store and move your data in different systems or tools. For example, if you use Google Sheets or Excel, you may need to move your spreadsheets into different systems depending on your browser, Mac or Windows PC.

By opening and saving files as CSVs in Google Sheets, you can review and update spreadsheet information across systems.

How to open a CSV file in Google Sheets

1. Upload the Excel or CSV file

Save the CSV or excel file to your computer. Then upload it to Google drive by dragging the icon or clicking "New" and then "File Upload."

upload the csv file you want to open

2. Double-click the CSV file

Once it's in your Drive folder, open up the CSV by double-clicking it.

Click on the CSV file to open it

3. Click "File"

Once you're in your spreadsheet, click "File" in the top menu.

4. Click "Save as Google Sheets"

Your Google Sheet will open up a new tab with the data saved as a Google Sheet.

click "save as google sheets"

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