How to Use Google Sheets

How to Set Margins in Google Sheets

Adjust the margins of a Google Sheet to improve appearance and maintain consistency across several spreadsheets.
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When printing a Google Sheet, setting margins helps you properly align data, prevent cut offs and control how much space there is between the edge of the paper and the content of your spreadsheet.

This is a great way to present spreadsheets in a professional setting, or simply standardize your sheets to make them easier to share and review.

How set margins in Google Sheets

1. Open a new Google Sheet.

You can open the file directly in Google Drive or in your team's knowledge base software.

2. Click "File."

Find it in the top menu bar.

3. Click "Print."

Scroll to the bottom of the of the pop menu bar in your Google Sheet.

4. Adjust margins

On the right panel, you can select from options such as "Normal," "Narrow," and "Wide." You can also customize width depending on your preferences.

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